Sunday, August 29, 2010

The world is a strange place

Like that's some kind of surprise. This morning the kids wanted to go to Sunday School, so I dropped them off in their rooms and decided to spend some time outside on the college campus. I sat on a bench and thought and watched and wished I'd had my computer then to blog, I was in the mood to write.

As I sat, one of the younger Sunday school groups came out very close to where I was, under a Buckeye tree to collect buckeyes, 12 each to represent the sons of Jacob. The girls all dressed up in their Sunday dresses, the boys running around not caring, and all of them very intent on getting their buckeyes. After they left I decided to collect a few for myself (I didn't count mine) and there was something very therapeutic about it. Looking at different buckeyes, all shapes and sizes, some still in their pods. They're really quite beautiful little nuts, I guess that's what they're called.

I've felt myself be so bogged down with life lately, the negative parts of life. I don't know why I've gotten in such a funk, it's hard to pull myself out sometimes. Life is good, even with the uncertainties I feel like will always be there. Questions that are bound to be there till forever, maybe not forever, but it feels that way for them as well. I'm happy with many things in my life, just wishing I could move forward in some ways and hold on to others longer.

amor y paz,

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