Wednesday, July 2, 2008

¡Estoy muy frustrada!

So yesterday I got a job! Woot, I'm gainfully employed, that is so amazingly awesome.

Then this morning I go out to my car and the exhaust system is hanging off the bottom. Well fuck... I bought a new muffler Monday so I could replace the one that fell off last summer, but hadn't had a chance to put it on yet, so I suppose that's a good thing. Now I can return it because the mechanic won't use it. He said when they lifted the car up to look at it, the entire thing from the catalytic converter back just fell off. Well fuck even more! He said they're taking it to another place and it'll probably cost about $250 to put everything back on, but my understanding is that they're going to reattach everything. If I had to buy all new stuff, it'd cost way too much.

I'm so frustrated right now. So much money has been sunk into that car. It was well taken care of, but ya know, they offloaded it before all this stuff went to shit and I have to say I feel pretty damn cheated. I'm also frustrated because a better car could have been purchased for all the money that's been dumped into this one. Something newer with less issues... and I'm frustrated I let myself be talked out of taking that path.

I'm just pissed off and frustrated right now. Good news with the job, but then it's just more shit that I can't afford. I want to be able to save money to get my own place so that I can start having my kids with me and not have to be at the house. Yeah... so anywho, is it possible to be elated and totally pissed off all at the same time??

amor y paz,

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