Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The ongoing joy of children

Last night I got home after taking my final and we decided to all go grocery shopping as a family. Grab some dinner from the deli and buy what we need. So we're walking through the aisles, always an adventure with three kids, saying no to a zillion different things that they think they need, when we get to the paper products aisle.

I am of course intent on finding cheap toilet paper that doesn't feel like the tree it was made from, when my 10 year old BOY, says, "Mom, do you need more Tampax? What even are Tampax?" I giggled and said, thanks but no. And they're something I need for when I'm on my period and left it at that. Those are just details I don't need to go into in the middle of the store. hehehe

Man, I can't wait to remind him of that when he's a little older. Actually probably once I explain what a period is he'll be horribly disgusted and embarrassed. Ah the fun fun things we can build up and remember about our children. Too much fun. :)

amor y paz,


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