Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another list...

Things I like about me: (I can't put a number to this one)
1. My smile - it's crooked and goofy, I have one tooth that's a lot shorter than the tooth next to it, but the point is, it's my smile and therefore a wonderful part of who I am.
2. My eyes - I've been told by some that they can see into people's souls. I just like their color. :)
3. Sarcasm - I can't help it, even when I'm trying not to be sarcastic, it still comes out! All 3 of my children were fluent in the ways of sarcasm by the time they were 2. As for the kids I work with, they all know me to be sarcastic too. Ask them what happens to my eyebrow when I say, "Really?" Sometimes they'll get me to say it just so I'll raise my eyebrow at them.
4. Resilience - something that I've not always had, but have claimed more recently.
5. Open mind - I won't always agree with what you're saying, but I try to at least be open to what you're saying to me. Even if you're obviously wrong! j/k

Things I don't like about me:
1. Being emotional - I cry when I'm happy or sad or angry or frustrated or alive or tired or basically existing. Most of the time lately it's usually related to my finances or lack thereof and worrying about being able to provide for my children.
2. Lack of motivation - in the department of exercise and/or staying physically fit. If I've had any sort of thought about exercising after work, it's the first thing I'll give up if it's been a long day or if I'm tired or if the world is rotating... notice a pattern? It's not my top priority. I don't want to be a body builder or a size zero or anything crazy like that. I would just like for my clothes to fit right, ya know?
3. Stubbornness - Is that a word? I suppose that's not important. I know that sometimes this part of me has served me well and I've been able to hold out against things, but there are times that it has definitely bit me in the ass... and hard. Thank you, Grandpa, I carry on the long line of stubborn Carlsons. I'm relatively certain my children have inherited this fine gene as well. :)

Hmmmmmm, that's all I can think of for now. Maybe it's better that I can only think of 3 for things I don't like about me. Since Cheryl (a coworker) commented on my link to my last list, I thought perhaps I should post another publicly. I hope anyone who's read this and/or my last post has taken time to make a list for themselves. Personal traits, foods, vacation destinations, things you're grateful for... they're all things you can list out and even share here, if you feel so inclined.

amor y paz,

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